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Insta-Just is designed to meet the professional's specific needs

The Insta-Just professional stool, manufactured by Tool Engineering and Manufacturing, offers many features specially designed for the medical, dental and laboratory professional.

  The new stool utilizes a patented pneumatic system to provide smooth, "hands-free" up and down positioning. The quiet, clean pneumatic power adjustment allows the stool to automatically move up or down from 20 to 29 inches. A convenient 360 feather-touch foot control ring leaves hands free with no interruptions in critical work or contamination of sterilized hands.

  A contoured backrest offers both vertical and horizontal adjustments to fit individual comfort needs. The backrest also serves as a contoured abdominal support while leaning forward.

  Positioning the Insta-just stool at different elevations helps significantly reduce fatigue and increase efficiency. Adjusting the stool's height an inch or two throughout the day changes body position enough to minimize muscle fatigue. A three-inch, high-density polyfoam cushion provides firm but comfortable support. Also, there are no cushion seam-beads to wear or to stop circulation.

  This is the stool you've been waiting for! Whether used in the dental office, the doctor's examining room, the operating room or the laboratory, insta-just offers lounge chair comfort in a working stool designed for the professional.


 Insta-just offers features to the dentist and dental assistant that just aren't available with other stools. Just swivel the comfortable backrest around, and it becomes a special abdominal support designed to let the dentist work close to his patient without interfering with the patient-chair or other equipment.

 The stool's vertical height adjustment of up to 9 inches corresponds to patient-chair positions. The sturdy base provides stability and the easy-roll swivel casters allow the stool to glide smoothly on carpet or tile.


 Optometrists have found that smooth instant vertical positioning by foot control gives great utility in a variety of areas in the Optometric office. Keeping hands free to work with instrumentation while instantly positioning himself or patient is a major advantage of Insta-just.

The 360 foot-control makes it extremely convenient for the Optical professional to adjust a patient to instrument height without hunting under the stool seat for the traditional hand control.

 Proper sitting height for Optical Microsurgery is easily achieved by the surgeon with no break in the sterile routine with Insta-just's foot-actuated adjustment.


 Ophthalmologists, orthopedic surgeons, urologists, ear nose and throat specialists, and general surgeons will find Insta-just well-suited to their specialized needs. At any time, the convenient foot-operated height adjustment control lets the doctor or lab technician position himself at the correct height for delicate procedures.

 The stool's fatigue-relieving qualities, plus the added features of a contoured abdominal support and instant-response vertical adjustment, make it ideal equipment for operating and examining rooms.

Back rest used as a stomach support

Back rest used as a stomach support.

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